Read And Rise Qaida Learning Roots


Read And Rise Qaida by Learning Roots
Author: Yasmin Mussa
Binding: Hard Cover
Pages: 44



What is your child’s lifetime of love for the Quran worth to you?

  • Is your child taking forever to finish the Qaida?
  • Does your child find their current Qaida too boring?
  • Do they get easily distracted during madrasah lessons or revision at home?

If so, you’re probably worried this experience will associate bad memories with their Quran learning, which might even lead to them not reciting the Quran often when they are older, and then they’ll miss out on so much reward in this world and the hereafter, leaving you to feel frustrated and regretful.

You need a way to get your children excited about learning the Quran, speed up their learning progress exponentially. That will help them in making fun memories with learning the Quran, which will ensure they’ll recite it throughout their lives and benefit from the treasures of peace and guidance the Quran provides.

And with that, you’ll feel at ease, happy and fulfilled with no regrets. What you’re looking for is something like the Read and Rise.

At Learning Roots, we’ve been designing and testing Qaida for years and have put all of that best-practice and experience into Read and Rise.

This book has been handcrafted and carefully tailored to perfectly deliver a fun, fast and firm Quran learning experience.

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