Al Adab al Mufrad by Imam Bukhari


This is one of the earliest and most authentic works on Islamic etiquette and Islamic way of life showing how the early Muslims lived.

Author: Imam Bukhari
Size: A4, Hardback, pp.. 275


Translated from the original Arabic, it provides a vivid insight into the moral conduct of the early Muslims in a society led by the perfect character of the Prophet Muḥammad (S) who proclaimed, “I was only sent to perfect good character”. His Companions carried his teachings far and wide and represent men of vigorous moral stature, whose conduct inspired and attracted the masses to the fold of Islam wherever they went contrary to the stereotypic portrayal in the West, that Islam spread by the sword. The Prophet’s words are as relevant today as they were fourteen hundred years ago.

This unique collection of 1,322 ahādīth, the sayings and actions of the Prophet and āthār, the sayings and actions of his Companions, is one of the earliest and most authentic works on Islamic etiquette and Islamic way of life. Not only are they practical and inspiring, they fulfil an acute need for an authorative guide on morality and spirituality for Muslims living in a modern, secular society, where the lines between right and wrong are increasingly blurred.

IMĀM BUKHARĪ (194-254AH/810-70CE), born in Bukhāra modern day Uzbekistan, famously compiled Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī and is one of the most celebrated figures in Islamic literary history. His book, Al-Adab al-Mufrad is a single volume work that forms an indispensable cornerstone of morality in Islam. It is suitable for both the general reader as well as the academic and will serve as a valuable collection to every library on Islam.

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